The whys and wherefores of data visualization are something you probably didn’t learn in school. Our eBooks are designed to give you a sound understanding of data analysis, visualization and the benefits of the iDashboards approach. Special industry-specific eBooks are also available for download.

Why Data Visualization?

See how organizations across all industries are breaking through data-overload with the implementation of iDashboards.

Why the Cloud?

Learn how iDashboards Cloud is helping organizations of all sizes improve the physical and intellectual accessibility of their data.

iDashboards for Financial Services

See how iDashboards gives financial institutions real-time access to key financial and operational metrics to help make effective decisions.

iDashboards for Government

Learn how the implementation of real-time dashboards, alerts and what-if analysis by government agencies has led to a reduction in costs and an increase in efficiency.

iDashboards in Healthcare

Learn how the implementation of real-time dashboards and alerts can lead to a reduction in costs, billing errors and increase efficiency in hospitals and healthcare systems.

iDashboards for Higher Education

See how iDashboards can help monitor your institution’s performance, as well as help strive towards continuous improvement.

iDashboards for Insurance

Learn how dashboards help insurance providers make real-time quality decisions through bringing new insight to their data.