Get to Know iDashboards


Still stuck in spreadsheets? Or dealing with an obsolete reporting system?

Your data deserves better. iDashboards delivers engaging, interactive charts, graphs, maps and infographics that are easy to create, easy to revise and easy to use.
It’s your data, re-energized.


"It’s beautiful." Yeah, we get that a lot.

People react better to pictures than numbers. Thanks to our patented Interactive Intelligence interface, your dashboard graphics will be dynamic, engaging and, above all, easy to understand.

Dashboards Delivered Three Ways

On-Premises Solution

This version of iDashboards software resides on your server, behind your firewall, so your data and dashboards are easily accessible and become an integral part of your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Solution

We host the cloud-based iDashboards SaaS software on our servers while connecting to your data sources. Users can access dashboards via computers, tablets or smartphones without the need to log into your network.

Display Solution

Our innovative software package helps you present dashboards to a wide audience on large displays in a slideshow view. Create team visibility in common areas such as lobbies, shop floors and conference rooms.


Excel? SQL? Salesforce? Google? Facebook? They all fit.

iDashboards easily connects your data, wherever it originates. iDashboards Data Integrator (iDI) – our data blending solution – gives you the ability to consolidate data from multiple locations in diverse formats, and transform it into a useful data set without the need for programming. iDashboards can handle data from a multitude of sources, including, but not limited to, the options below. One of our representatives can assist you with a custom solution that’s right for your organization.

And many more! Try iDashboards today.
*Some connectors available only in North America


We train, assist and support you.

With our software, you’ll quickly be able to deliver stunning, effective and professional dashboards. Need some assistance? Our consultants can help with everything from data services to design consulting. Have some unique needs that have stumped all the experts? We can help with that too.

During your training sessions, our team will teach you about:

  • Data preparation
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) preparation
  • Product implementation & testing
  • User security
  • Storyboarding
  • Dashboard design & development
  • Product training
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