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Why Healthcare Organizations Need More Than A Data Analytics Tool


Business intelligence, data analytics, dashboards, visualization, big data, warehousing and so many more buzz words are heard throughout our healthcare industry.

Like most hospitals and clinics, you probably have access to multiple high end business intelligence (BI) tools; however, your end users/clinicians probably aren’t as familiar with these tools and knowledge share between them often suffers. Therefore, IT and data analysts are getting swamped with ad-hoc reporting requests from C-Level executives, clinicians and staff. Read More …

The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Hospitality Data

Hospitality Data iDashboards[1]

Lack of data is definitely not the problem in the hotel industry. Making sense (and use) of all the data is the challenge.

Hotels oversee everything from guest metrics and social mentions, to front-of-house data, operations information, scheduling and staffing. Due to the lack of time, hotels are trying too quickly to analyze their data and act on it in real-time. When utilized correctly, this data can provide hoteliers with superior guest service, and a multitude of other operational efficiency insights. Read More …

iDashboards Names New Regional Manager

Gee Lamba iDashboards
Gee Lamba has joined iDashboards, a Troy-based visual intelligence dashboard services company, as the regional manager of the United Kingdom to help further the company’s global expansion.

Lamba brings more than 10 years of experience in account management and new business development in the technology space to iDashboards. Lamba is responsible for leading direct sales, creating new partnerships, and strengthening business development in some of the company’s main verticals throughout the UK market — including health care, finance, logistics, and education. Read More …

Arabian Computer News

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Visualising Success

hishamiDashboards offers easy-to-use data visualization and dashboard software. Customers have responded well to the solutions, enabling the company to deliver consistent double-digit revenue growth. iDashboards will host its first annual International Conference, a two-day event bringing together users and partners, in Dubai from January 20 to 21, 2016. We speak with Hisham Assaf, Head of iDashboards Middle East,

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The Data Awakens: iDashboards Creates Star Wars Themed Dashboard

Dashboard I am Your Data

A short time ago, in an office building not so far away, the iDashboards team set out to prove data can be fun and exciting. They combined their data visualization skills and unwarranted knowledge of Star Wars to create a specialty dashboard in honor of the newest film in the famed series, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Our new Data Wars dashboard leverages our custom software and extensive library of charts and graphs to create visually stunning depictions of key characters from the space opera series—including old characters from the original trilogy, as well as new characters that are sure to be audience favorites. Read More …

Hospitality Data Dominance

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In the hotel industry, lack of data is not the problem. The challenge is actually making sense – and making use – of too much data. Hotel owners and operators already understand the value of acquiring detailed information about their guests and operations. The industry is actually one of the earliest to devise effective methods of capturing that information.
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Agricultural Growing Pains Made Simple with a Data Platform

Farmer with a tablet outdoor

Data platform options are taking over the world of agriculture – from “do-it-all” offerings to customizable “do-it-yourself” models – and North American farmers have been completely overwhelmed.

This was made clear at the recent PrecisionAg Innovation Series Conference in Champaign, IL. The consistent theme among growers was that they required deeper insight on how to efficiently run their farm, and how to make proactive, rather than reactive decisions for a more effective process. And the most common concern was that today’s growers are drowning in “data”, but there is a drought of “information”. Read More …

How iDashboards’ Fitness Challenge Saved My Life

Fitness Challenge iDashboards

Since I joined iDashboards, I’ve realized how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle – even more so after taking on the fitness challenge.

Work used to dominate my life, often keeping me in the office until 9 pm at least three nights a week. As a result, it left me little to no time with my family, and I had absolutely no way to go to the gym or maintain a healthy lifestyle. I used to eat what was convenient, when it was convenient, rather than focusing on what should have been most important in my life – me! Read More …