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“We’re all mad [about data] here.”

Let’s be honest, you have to be a little “mad” to work with data. It’s an art and a science that not everyone can appreciate working in, but everyone is curious about the final figures.
data madness
As number crunchers, we may be driven mad by the chaos of data itself. But like Alice in Wonderland, there’s much to be learned from madness – especially when it comes to your data analysis.
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Spring Cleaning: Eliminate the Data Clutter

broom - data clutter

I’ve owned three different homes. And I have accumulated a lot of stuff over those years, nearing what almost feels like hoarding status sometimes. It all becomes clutter. It becomes noise, especially when I’m trying to find something.

As I work on creating dashboards, my days are filled with a different kind of clutter. Data clutter. It’s my job to take the data clutter and transform it into meaningful visualizations which translate into a meaningful story told through dashboards. Read More …

iDashboards Proudly Sponsors the IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2016


iDashboards, a leader in business intelligence dashboard software, has announced its sponsorship and participation in the IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2016 to be held at the Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia, on the 4th and 5th of May, 2016. The CIO Summit is the region’s largest C-level summit for Middle East’s leading technology innovators, attended by elite CIOs and senior executives from the top 500 companies and largest enterprises across the Kingdom. Read More …

iDashboards connects with Andar/360

Andar360 pos470x160

One of the best features of iDashboards—and one that truly sets it apart from other data visualization solutions—is its ability to integrate with other products and solutions in a way that helps decision-makers get the most out of their critical data and improve decision-making capabilities. With that in mind, we’re excited to share that Andar/360 has been added to the growing list of products that iDashboards can easily integrate with. Read More …

Better Decision Making Through Intuitive Dashboards


As seen in GovCIO Outlook’s April 2016 Issue.

The elevation in the availability of data is transforming the way in which government agencies execute their critical decisions. These large sets of data integrated from myriad systems can only be productive if they are structured and analyzed to generate insightful federal reports. A dynamic and intuitive presentation of these reports can further enhance the overall decision-making capabilities of government agencies. This is where dashboards assist in providing easy sharing of relevant metrics with the public, as well as efficient collaboration between departments of a state, local or federal entity. Read More …

iDashboards Recognized Among Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers 2016 By Government CIO Outlook

GOV Big-Data

Read more on CNBC.

TROY, Mich., April 26, 2016 — iDashboards, a pioneer in developing visually engaging business intelligence dashboard solutions, has been named a 2016 Top 10 Big Data Solution Provider by Government CIO Outlook. iDashboards CEO Shadan Malik made the announcement. Read More …

2016 Non-Profit Data Trends


Recently, I was reading an article by James V. Toscano of Toscano Advisors that talked about the non-profit trends of 2015, in order to predict the emerging trends for 2016. Can you guess what trend was in the top three? Demand for a measurable return on investment.

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The Metric Maze

Metric Maze

Dashboards are a potentially powerful new tool for banks and financial institutions.

Featured in the BankNews April print issue.

In an industry where complex financial data is integral and essential, banks and other financial institutions face formidable information-management challenges. For executives and decision makers at those institutions, the process of corralling and sorting through vast amounts of data is time-consuming, often resulting in metrics that are difficult to digest, challenging to contextualize and even harder to use as the basis for making educated decisions. Read More …

How Dashboards Can Help Banks Embrace Technology

banking dashboardIn the late 1960s, the automated teller machine – a.k.a. the ATM – was introduced to the financial industry. During the adoption phase, banks realized their importance, but some were hesitant about buying ATMs, citing fears that they would negatively impact their business. Today, none of us would think twice about the impact those machines had on banking.

Now, in the age of information, there seems to be a number of financial services agencies – especially community banks – again resisting the adoption of new technologies—especially those technologies related to data mining and management. With so much data pouring in daily, many banks struggle to keep up with the analysis and snap-second decision-making required for success in the financial services space. Read More …

iDashboards Forms OEM Partnership With Dataccuity

Dataccuity_OEM Partner.jpg
Partnership highlights growing demand for BI dashboards

Read more at InformationWeek.

TROY, Mich., April 6, 2016 — iDashboards, a pioneer in developing business intelligence dashboard solutions, has formed an OEM partnership with Dataccuity, an Oregon-based software company that helps organizations centralize, integrate and analyze their data to drive value equation. iDashboards CEO Shadan Malik made the announcement. Read More …