Transportation and Logistics Dashboards

Transportation and logistics organizations operate complex systems with mass amounts of data. There has always been a need to analyze this data to improve efficiency but the question was always, “How?”. Companies in the transportation and logistics industries are increasingly adopting business intelligence dashboards solutions to display their data and make quick, on the spot decisions.

Transportation companies may need to frequently review information for cost of fuel, vehicle downtime and cost of vehicle maintenance. Reviewing all of this data could be very cumbersome especially with large fleets, however our customers have found the benefits to seeing all of this information with the help of visual transportation dashboards.

Logistics companies monitor key performance indicators such as incoming orders, fulfillment percentage and average time to ship. With the focus on efficiency and quick fulfillment, management and executives want access to this information quickly – logistics dashboards provide exactly that.

From drilldowns to analytics, see why our customers love iDashboards.
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Success Stories
Canada Cartage needed an easy to use tool that could be implemented quickly, and would provide instant visibility for the Frontline Operations department. 
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Keystone Dedicated Logistics discovered the need for a better solution that granted more control with the ability to make changes in real-time. iDashboards fulfilled their needs and gave them a cutting edge advantage over their competitors.
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Turn Your Data Into Insight - Learn how iDashboards can easily turn data into decisions with real-time, interactive dashboards.
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    Delivery Routes
Custom maps and ViApps detail delivery information for each delivery location in real-time.
  Canyon Mining Processing Metrics
Detailed information for each of the mining processes is depicted in one interactive dashboard, including loading and exporting data.
  Warehouse Summary
View Unit targets and case targets by hour, as well as the percentage of the target met each month.
  • Air Serv Corporation
  • Best Transport
  • Boeing
  • CitationAir
  • Canada Cartage
  • Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain
  • Fikes Truck Line, Inc.
  • InLog Logistics Solutions, Inc.
  • KDL Freight Management
  • Kazi Investment Group
  • Sunoco Logistics