Restaurant and Hospitality Dashboards

Competition in the hospitality and restaurant industries is at all-time high, and success requires increased accountability, performance measurement, forecasting and strategic planning. The data captured by POS systems, bookkeeping databases, purchasing platforms and other business solutions are critical to the health of your business. iDashboards hospitality and restaurant dashboard software is able to consolidate these data sources into one centralized location, providing a powerful platform that allows the end-user to identify trends, monitor metrics and track sales at-a-glance.
With iDashboards’ patented interactive intelligence, powerful visuals and intuitive user-interface hospitality and restaurant professionals are able to visualize their data for enhanced insight into their metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Examples of hospitality and restaurant dashboards include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Staffing & Employment
  • Front of House Management
  • Bar & Cellar Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance & Administration

From drilldowns to analytics, see why our customers love iDashboards.
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    Executive Scorecard
A state map allows restaurant locations to be viewed by county, and detail sales and costs of each location.
  Restaurant Analytics
Price per ingredient can be customized by menu items, while a secondary chart displays menu feedback.
  Restaurant Metrics
Multiple charts display gross sales for eat in and sales per seat, sales per square foot and labor costs for each restaurant location.


  Hotel Performance Reports
This interactive dashboard allows you to track the hotel’s corporate performance by measuring RevPAR by booking sources, date and brand along with a side by side comparison of each hotel’s occupancy rate.
    Hotel Front of House Operations
Locate real-time 'Loyalty Members' and Occupancy information within a multi-floor hotel.  Also trend Expenses, Revenue and Occupancy over the last 30-days.