iDashboards’ enterprise-class dashboard software helps non-profit organizations leverage information assets in real-time through visually rich, responsive and personalized business intelligence dashboards. Non-profits can more accurately analyze data, monitor donations and maintain outreach efficiency by utilizing iDashboards. With iDashboards’ interactive dashboard software, dashboards are customized for each organization taking into account their data sources, business metrics, KPIs and the goals of the organization. The implementation of real-time dashboards and alerts has transformed non-profits’ ability to track and manage donations, trends and growth opportunities. Our user-friendly, easy to implement solution provides non-profits with an intuitive, affordable dashboard platform without the burden on IT resources.

Examples of non-profit dashboards and KPIs include:

  • Financial: Donations by Month, Average Donation, New Memberships, Cost per Dollar Raised, Donor Demographics
  • Program: Average Cost per Service, Demand Predictability, Efficiency Ratio, People Serviced, Resource Allocation, Service Development
  • Executive Scorecard: Volunteers, Staff Development, Outreach Efficiency, Donations per State, Expansion per City



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"We’ve been able to see our data in a new light, making adjustments in marketing and staffing, increasing donations and productivity.”
-Jonathan Frazier, IT Manager, Purple Heart Services





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