Manufacturing Dashboards

iDashboards Manufacturing dashboard software is providing manufacturers real-time visibility to their data and greater insight into their key performance indicators (KPIs). With iDashboards’ interactive dashboard software, dashboards are customized for each organization taking into account their data sources, business metrics, KPIs and the goals of the organization.

A typical manufacturing dashboard can include such metrics as gross profit per part, time to ship and inventory turnover. A production dashboard example can display product images, line locations, quality indicators and production time.

From drilldowns to analytics, see why our customers love iDashboards.
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Success Stories
Discover NOW Foods' business challenges and how iDashboards was able to provide live visibility to their KPIs, and the benefits that followed.
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Drake Extrusion looked to iDashboards to summarize and visualize their KPIs. With the daily use of dashboards, Drake Extrusion has seen an improvement in plant efficiencies and overall performance.
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Glen Raven Inc. needed a dashboard solution that had the capabilities to present complex data sets in a clear, efficient manner to management and other consumers of data.
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Dashboards can positively change the way we view, disperse and work with data. Learn how Manufacturers are using iDashboards and the direct impact it has on their bottom-line.
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    Manufacturing Analysis
Actual cost per item and actual sale per item can be viewed side by side along with projected costs and projected sales.
  Production KPIs
Line and bar graphs display plant waste, process waste, color change waste, tube waste, sample waste, pounds change, off shade and on target metrics for each shift.
  • AET Films
  • American Steel Building Co., Inc.
  • C.F. Sauer Company, Inc.
  • Columbus Foods
  • Drake Extrusion
  • EMD Chemical
  • Emerson Electric
  • Harrington Industrial Plastics
  • Lafarge North America, Inc.
  • Mazzella Lifting Technologies
  • NOW Foods
  • Praxair Surface Technologies.
  • Shorewood Packaging
  • Steelcase, Inc.
  • Stratasys, Inc.
  • WhiteWave Foods Company