Credit Union Dashboards

iDashboards’ credit union dashboard software is providing credit unions real-time visibility to their data and greater insight into their key performance indicators (KPIs). With iDashboards’ interactive dashboard software, dashboards are customized for each credit union or branch taking into account their data sources, business metrics, credit union KPIs and the goals of the organization.

Credit union dashboards, can display financial and operational results such as profitability of products and services, member satisfaction, loan and mortgage rates, and call center performance. Credit Union Branch Dashboards can help with visibility into transactions, members, loans metrics and deposits by branch.

From drilldowns to analytics, see why our customers love iDashboards.
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Success Stories
Navy Federal Credit Union needed technology that provided a real-time view into KPIs and the ability to be notified through e-mail alerts when KPI thresholds are exceeded. Find out how NFCU was able to accomplish this with iDashboards.
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At Christian Financial Credit Union, account openings went through the roof after a new dashboard tool triggered fierce sales competition between employees.
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LGE Community Credit Union - Since implementation of iDashboards, LGE has experienced some ‘wow’ moments and gained a new perspective on old information.
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Turn Your Data Into Insight - Learn how iDashboards can easily turn data into decisions with real-time, interactive dashboards.
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    Credit Union Forecast
This multi-branch Credit Union illustrates forecasted trends for financial and non-financial metrics.  Buttons at the top can show individual branch details.
  Credit Union Loans
Coastal Credit Union examines performance metrics for various loan types.  Every chart drills into details regarding branch, loan officer, or loan type.
  • Christian Financial Credit Union
  • Columbia Credit Union
  • Educational Systems FCU
  • Founders Federal Credit Union
  • Indiana Members Credit Union
  • LGE Community Credit Union
  • Michigan First Credit Union
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • PARDA Federal Credit Union
  • SAC Federal Credit Union
  • Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union
  • SunState Federal Credit Union
  • United Federal Credit Union