K-12 Education Dashboards

iDashboards K-12 Education dashboard software is providing schools and school districts access to data and greater insight into their key performance indicators (KPIs). Dashboards are being utilized to monitor district and school KPIs such as enrollment, accreditation, effectiveness, truancy, financials and departmental metrics. With an increase in strategic planning and evaluation, state and federal mandates have called for an increase in transparency with government agencies and parents. For example, a school district in Illinois implemented iDashboards to monitor and evaluate their strategic goals. These dashboards have been published on the district’s homepage and allow the community to track student achievement, workforce climate and resource allocation.

School Dashboards and School District Dashboards are customized for each school or district taking into account their data sources and goals. Examples of Education dashboards and performance metrics include:

  • K-12 School Truancy Dashboard: Truancy by School, Truancy Score vs. Allowance, Truancy Range Totals
  • K-12 Financial Scorecard: Student Cost by School, Enrollment by Grade, Operating Costs
  • K-12 Executive Scorecard: Enrollment, Assessment Scores, Honor Students by School Type, Student Detentions

From drilldowns to analytics, see why our customers love iDashboards.
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Success Stories
Learn about Lancaster Independent School District’s implementation and how iDashboards improved their students’ performance by achieving internal collaboration and external transparency to stakeholders.
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iDashboards for K-12 Education – Discover how school districts around the country are implementing dashboard applications to present up-to-date information and drive decision-making.
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    K-12 District Dashboard
Public data is creatively displayed. All charts drilldown, and filters can select a school, subject, or school-year.
  Finance and Budget
This school district compares and analyzes trends of funding and budget metrics as well as pupil enrollment.
  • Arlington Public Schools (VA)
  • Beaufort County School District (SC)
  • Biloxi Public Schools (MS)
  • Detroit Public Schools (MI)
  • Edison Twp. Public Schools (NJ)
  • Fayette County Public Schools (KY)
  • Glenview Public School District #34 (IL)
  • Ithaca City School District (NY)
  • Jackson County Public Schools (NC)
  • Lancaster Independent School District (TX)
  • Palmdale School District (CA)
  • San Diego Unified School District (CA)
  • Thornton Franctional Twp. High School District #215 (IL)