iDashboards business intelligence dashboard software is providing organizations real-time visibility and greater insight into their data. With iDashboards’ interactive dashboard software, dashboards and scorecards are customized for each organization taking into account their data sources, business metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and the goals of the organization.

Balanced scorecards include perspectives, objectives, KPIs and stoplight indicators to ensure that the scorecard is tied to the organization’s strategic needs. Accounts payable scorecard, employee scorecard, finance scorecard, performance management scorecard and balanced scorecards, are commonly utilized by iDashboards customers for better visualization into their organization.

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  Executive Scorecard
Customize this scorecard by choosing different input parameters to discover gross sales with total cost details per county.
  Doctors Scorecard
Monitor each doctors’ performance within your clinic to ensure patients receive the best care possible.
    Adjuster Performance
Hover over an adjusters’ name to view their invoice with a breakdown of hours using our patented interactive intelligence.