Finance Dashboards

iDashboards business intelligence dashboard software is providing finance departments and institutions real-time visibility to their data and greater insight into their key performance indicators (KPIs). With iDashboards’ interactive dashboard software, dashboards are customized for each organization or department taking into account their data sources, business metrics, finance KPIs and the goals of the organization.

A finance dashboard, can display such metrics as profitability of products, accounts receivable/payable and past due invoices. An accounts payable scorecard is commonly used to display important metrics for better data visualization.

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    Manufacturing Analysis
Actual cost per item and actual sale per item can be viewed side by side along with projected costs and projected sales.
  Financial Scorecard
Use pivots for an in-depth look into operational metrics including student and operating costs.
  AR and AP
View six interactive graphs and charts for a complete breakdown of AR and AP.