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iDashboards gives you the tools to transform raw data into real meaning. We empower anyone, anywhere, in any organization to create engaging, interactive dashboards that let you see the big picture more clearly.

Discover how easy it is to transform raw data into beautiful and insightful dashboards that allow your organization to soar with our video library.

Data to Dashboards – NSU’s Success Story

Check out the video to discover how Norfolk State University turned their institutional research, assessment and planning data into actionable information.
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Turn Data Challenges into Actionable Insights

From data overload to actionable insight. Watch the video to learn how Swisslog utilized iDashboards to turn their reports into real-time dashboards, resulting in more informed decisions.
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Why iDashboards Testimonials

Collecting and interpreting data on the spot, our customers are one step ahead of the competition. Listen to these client testimonials and learn how customers have found success with iDashboards.
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Customer Success Stories

Organizations are turning their complex data into beautiful dashboards; easily analyzing key metrics while bringing the “wow” factor to life with our patented Interactive Intelligence. Listen to these client testimonials and discover the success our customers have experienced with iDashboards.
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Why Our Customers Love iDashboards

From drag and drag design functionality to drilldowns and analytics, organizations across the country are transforming their data with dynamic dashboards. Listen to these client testimonials and discover why our customers have fallen in love with iDashboards.
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Enterprise Suite

Powerful insights are just a few clicks away with iDashboards. Captivating graphics, rapid dashboard development capabilities, seamless drilldowns and what-if analytics empower users to turn data into decisions at blazing speeds.
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iDashboards Cloud

With iDashboards Cloud, any user – in any organization – can draw real meaning from their data, enhancing performance and accountability in every area of their operations. Discover how easy it is to transform your Excel data today.
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OEM Partner Program

Unlock new business opportunities, accelerate time to market and gain richer, more visually engaging insights into data with our OEM Partner Program.
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Demonstration of iDashboards

Discover how to use our patented Interactive Intelligence, pivots, drilldowns and analytics in order to reveal powerful insights in this brief demonstration of iDashboards.
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Finally, a dashboard solution that doesn't eat up time and IT resources.
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Turn Your Data Into Insight - Learn how iDashboards can easily turn data into decisions with real-time, interactive dashboards.
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