iDashboards ViGraphics™ and Custom Maps

The charts and maps used in the design of your dashboard project can make or break your creation.

When it comes to dashboard design, selecting the right charts, graphs and maps to depict your data is essential.  Selecting the wrong options to visualize your data can result in a misinterpretation of the data, missed opportunities and a breakdown in communication. 

Regardless of how extensive our chart and map libraries are, we know that sometimes the most effective way to display your data may be a chart or map type that doesn’t exist yet.  Customized sales territories, campus maps, building layouts, detailed street level views and other visualizations can be created by our ViGraphics™ team and integrated with iDashboards, providing the ability to display and interact with your data in a way that is completely unique to your solution.

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ViGraphics™ are custom developed charts of graphical illustrations. Examples include seating at a sports arena, the room layout of a building, an airplane seating chart or a diagram of the human body.
Custom Maps are custom developed charts utilizing recognized geographical regions. Examples include corporate office locations in the UK, new country maps or sales region boundaries in the United States.

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