In Cloud Features
In Cloud
User Framework
• Web-based Flash/Flex user interface (UI)
• Supports all browser types: IE, Firefox, 
• Secured log-in and role based permissions
• Ability to display data from multiple data sources
• Dashboard designer framework for rapid dashboard development
• Drag & drop to open and reposition charts, panels and frame borders
Right–Click Menu
• Intuitive and easy
• Access menu anywhere on the dashboard
• Dashboard and chart controls
• Almost zero end-user training
• No programming needed            
Support for Mobile Device
• iPad App
• Android Tablets 
• Drilldown to charts and other dashboards
• Drilldown to external URLs
• No limit on levels of in-depth drilldowns
• Auto filtering of data within a drilldown
• Pass user and context parameters
• Drilldown to update other frames within
   the same dashboard
Excel Export-Import
• Export chart data into a spreadsheet
• Import spreadsheet data
• Use spreadsheets as live data sources
Notes & Text
• Sticky notes on individual charts
• Embed text within dashboard
Interactive Intelligence
• iDashboards patented technology
• Rapid insight into relevant data
• Interactive charts based on common data
Print & Magnification
• Maximize individual charts
• Magnify function with chart interaction
• Print dashboards and individual charts
Security Framework
• Security and access restrictions
• Role-based permissions and access
Data Connectivity
• Support for Excel spreadsheets
Real-Time User Filtering
• Charts can include an unlimited number of pivots, allowing users to select criteria to filter chart data
• Input parameter controls
• Synchronized pivots
• Dynamic Picklists
Real-Time Analytics
• Provides the ability to perform dynamic
calculations on real-time data
• Results of derived calculations may be
displayed as new data columns
• Conditional logic may be applied to real-time data to derive new indicators
• Real-time statistics may be derived from
the data feed and outliers may be identified
• Percent contribution of each to the group
may be computed
• What-if analysis may be performed by applying user-specified values to derived columns
• Users get advanced analytical results with intuitive visual displays
Real-Time Data Updates
• Auto-refresh at pre-specified time intervals
• Intervals as low as 60 seconds
• Manual refresh
Dynamic Macros
• Generate dynamic filters specific to logged in user
• Date Macros generate dynamic queries for
   different time windows
• Drilldown Macros generate custom drilldown URLs
   to external applications
Embed Video
• Embed video files within dashboards
• Create a corporate communication platform
combined with BI insight.
User Personalization
• Users can customize their charts
  and dashboards
• Users may save to personal category
• Data integrity is not impacted
• Create global and personal color palettes and apply to chart axes and range sets
• Change dashboard framework
  color and language
• Bookmark dashboards
• A favorite dashboard can be displayed upon user log-in
• Recently viewed dashboard list
• Personalized dashboard list style: categories or dashboard names
• Configurable category sort order and dashboard list position (top, left, right)
Flash & Images
• ViPanel framework for embedding Flash apps in dashboards
• Embed simple Flash files within a dashboard
• Add/edit basic HTML within a dashboard using the built-in GUI or source HTML editor
Auto Uploader
• Schedule the automatic upload of multiple Excel files based on time intervals
• Schedule daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc uploads
• Immediate upload without needing to log-in to the Cloud interface
• Update existing data sources with new data
• Allow you to get a reporting view of the
dashboard data
• Drilldown from a dashboard to a report
that can be viewed in HTML and PDF
• Perform basic summary statistics
(mean, median, count, etc.) within a report
More Chart Features
• Embed images within a dashboard
• Utilize images as chart and/or dashboard background
• Hyperlink embedded images to URLs
• Drilldown diagnostics
• Turn on or off cell label and X/Y value text on map charts
• Gradient option on some column and bar charts
• Predefined date formats