iDashboards In Cloud - Turn Your Excel Data into Insight

Organizations gather so much information from so many sources that it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when looking at your data. Excel spreadsheets offer a great way to organize your information, but they still do not solve the problem of easy distribution and analyzing of data. iDashboards In Cloud empowers anyone, anywhere, in any organization to transform their data into real meaning. See the big picture more clearly by creating engaging, interactive dashboards.

In the past, dashboards have required a team of analysts, IT support and programmers to make it all happen. With iDashboards In Cloud, our hosted solution, we’ve changed the BI landscape, empowering users to create engaging interactive dashboards that easily turn data into meaningful decisions.  

iDashboards In Cloud Features Include:

  • HTML5 Capability
  • Visually Insightful Dashboards
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • Secured Log-In Credentials
  • Drag & Drop Dashboard Designer Framework
  • Point and Click Chart Designer
  • Seamless Drilldowns to Charts, Dashboards, Web URLs and Dashboard Parameters
  • Pivots
  • What-If Analytics
  • Auto Uploader for Excel Data
  • Instant Reporting
  • Hundreds of Chart and Map Types, including the new Image Plot Chart
  • Support for Mobile Devices

With iDashboards In Cloud, any user – in any organization – can turn data into insight, enhancing performance and accountability in every area of operations. Sample applications include: HR Dashboards, Property Management Dashboards, Medical Billing Dashboards, Financial Dashboards, Marketing Dashboards, Mental Health Dashboards and Operations Management Dashboards.

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iDashboards In Cloud - Learn how iDashboards In Cloud is transforming dashboards from a luxury to a necessity.
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