iDashboards Display Solution

Getting a comprehensive, visually engaging view of your enterprise operations is no longer a cumbersome or expensive process. iDashboards Display Solution makes it easy and affordable to get a better view of your performance issues and share critical insights within your organization. On the plant floor, in meeting rooms, in shipping, call centers or virtually anywhere – iDashboards Display Solution is an all-in-one business intelligence solution that creates team awareness for organizational success.

Get everything you need for just $199/month!
  • TV or Touch Screen with Mount
  • Software
  • Support & Maintenance
Try it for yourself today - you’ll be hard-pressed to spot a better way to stay alert and stay ahead.

Product Features

  • Slideshow Feature Provides Automatic Cycling of Multiple Dashboards
  • Dashboards Retrieve Live Data Every Cycle
  • Analytics Dashboards with What-If Sliders
  • Slideshow Charts Automatically Cycle Images within Dashboards
  • ViFrames Provide Light HTML Frames that Connect to Data Sources
  • Intelligent Date Filtering Keeps Dashboard Data Current
  • No Server Required, Self-Contained Display Attached to PC Appliance
  • Option for Touchscreen Display
  • Functionality of our Enterprise Software including
    • Pivots
    • Drilldowns
    • Video Panel
    • Input Parameters
    • Interactive Intelligence

Licensing and Pricing

$199/month per bundle for 2 Years – minimum of 2 bundles per purchase
  • TV or Touch Screen with Mount
  • Software
  • Support & Maintenance
  • PC Appliance - Full Purchase Credit
iDashboards Display Solution includes one admin license per Display bundle. Set-up and training is additional with 3 or 5 day onsite training available. There is an option to purchase or upgrade the hardware at the end of the 2 year lease.

Don't need the hardware? iDashboards Display Solution Software License is also available. Providing the same functionality as the Display Solution bundle, the software license allows you to display dashboards in key areas of your organization including executive offices, lobbies, production floors and other common areas, without the hardware bundle. 

Finally, a dashboard solution that doesn't eat up time and IT resources.
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