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iDashboards Cloud is a hosted dashboard solution that empowers users to create engaging interactive dashboards that easily turn data into meaningful decisions. In the past, dashboards have required a team of analysts, IT support and programmers to make it all happen. iDashboards has changed the BI landscape, and with our patented features and award-winning technology we deliver a solution that is up and running in just days.

iDashboards Cloud can also provide dashboards to multiple clients, branches or members through private labeling of their own dashboard solution. This enables consultants, associations and others to expand their product offering, or services - enhancing value at a low cost while still operating independently and with complete security. Connectivity to data is made simple, allowing you to browse and upload excel files and integrate to an SQL server.

iDashboards Cloud Features
iDashboards Cloud System Requirements
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iDashboards Cloud Features Include:

  • HTML5 Capability
  • Patented Interactive Intelligence
  • What-If Analytics
  • Co-Branding Options
  • Connectivity to SQL Databases and Excel
  • Connectivity to Google Analytics,, Facebook and Twitter
  • Hundreds of Chart Types and Map Types, including the new Image Plot Chart
  • Presentation Charts - Slideshow, ViFrame, ViGraphics and ViGallery
  • Drilldown to Charts, Dashboards, Web URLs and Dashboard Parameters
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard Designer Framework
  • Point and Click Chart Designer
  • Administration of Separate Accounts
  • Secured Log-In Credentials
  • Support for Mobile Devices

iDashboards Cloud - Learn how iDashboards Cloud is transforming dashboards from a luxury to a necessity.
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