Enterprise Suite
iDashboards Enterprise Suite is an on-premises dashboard software that displays data in real time from databases, data warehouses, spreadsheets, XML and other data sources in a single location.
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iDashboards Cloud is a hosted dashboard solution, providing users with the same award-winning engineering and patented features available in the Enterprise Suite.
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Display Solution
iDashboards Display Solution software license displays dashboards on public monitors in a slideshow view. This license promotes increased visibility and transparency within your organization.
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More iDashboards Products

We look at every situation as an opportunity to empower users to create engaging, interactive dashboards. From top to bottom, we made sure that every aspect of our software is easy to use, and that we have a product that fits your unique needs. Do you need powerful insights on the go? We’ve got you covered with mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices. Looking for a map type or chart that’s not in our library? No problem, our ViGraphics™ and Custom Maps allow you to visualize your data in a way that is completely specialized for your solution.