iDashboards has redefined the dashboard experience, providing an enterprise-class dashboard solution with stunning presentation options, intuitive navigation, ease of use and quick implementation. The value to our customers remains simple and proven as we continue to help organizations realize the bottom-line benefits of real-time insight.

Our VAR Partners benefit from:

  • Lucrative purchasing models and long term revenue potential
  • The opportunity to drive additional sales and services
  • An enhanced product and service offering
  • Access to the cutting edge technology and development
  • Ongoing support and training
  • A relationship with an industry leader in the dashboard software space
We are actively seeking new VAR Partners to join our channel and share in our success. iDashboards VAR Partners have an outstanding opportunity to drive substantial license, service and consulting revenues in one of the hottest sectors in software. If your firm has regional market expertise, vertical domain knowledge, application-specific expertise and you have a track record of providing a range of value-added services to your customers, we would like to hear from you. Get more information about partnership opportunities.

Our Value Proposition is Simple and Proven

iDashboards has set the benchmark for what is expected from an enterprise-class dashboard solution.  Our dedication to innovation and development has continued to ensure that our platform provides users with a truly engaging experience. Lacking the complexity and expense typically associated with business intelligence, our users experience quick implementation times and derive an immediate value.


  Doctors Scorecard
Specialty doctors within a clinic are managed for performance metrics to ensure patients receive the highest quality care.
  Production KPIs
Line and bar graphs display plant waste, process waste, color change waste, tube waste, sample waste, pounds change, off shade and on target metrics for each shift.
  CFO Scorecard
CFOs can monitor KPIs such as assets, cash flow, liabilities and debt to equity ratios across multiple time ranges.
With iDashboards, Astec Inc. is able to offer their customers a resource to easily track effectiveness, performance and quality.
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Virtual Corporation leverages iDashboards OEM Program to expand their core offering with performance management dashboards.
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With the addition of iDashboards, OnApproach has onboarded new deals and customers directly associated with the implementation.
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ViryaNet integrates iDashboards to provide users the resources to visualize and analyze the workforce management data.
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iDashboards has provided Spruce Computer Systems with dynamic dashboards - and a competitive edge.
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