For over ten years we have been building mutually beneficial partnerships. Our partner programs enable independent software vendors to rollout a dashboard solution at a cost significantly lower than developing a complete solution in house. The iDashboards OEM Program has been built on a strong foundation of values including:

Unparalleled Data Visualization - Great business dashboards make it easier to understand data. Our award winning engineering and patented technology provides users with real insight into the information generated by your application, allowing them to assess performance, predict results and take action – without the cost, or risk, of developing a dashboard solution in-house.

Quick to Market - As an iDashboards OEM Partner, integrating the software, co-branding, connecting to the data and building dashboards is simple and quick. Built-in core features including dashboard development, management, security and personalization ensure swift implementation times. Leverage our expertise to drastically reduce development time and deploy based on your timeline, not ours.

Flexibility of Doing Business - We understand it takes more than just software to foster a successful partnership. Our OEM Programs have been designed with flexible parameters, ensuring we have a relationship model that will meet your unique needs. Turnkey features of our OEM Partner Program include: onsite development and training, partner software, custom branding programs, dedicated channel management, marketing support and technical support.

Ease of Use - Easy to implement, easy to build and easy to understand. Create customized dashboards in minutes with our intuitive right-click menus, Dashboard Designer framework and Drag & Drop functionality. With features like our patented Interactive Intelligence, ViGraphics, Custom Maps, ViApps, ViPanels and mobile apps, building powerful and insightful dashboards has never been easier.

Expand your product offering and drive additional revenue with iDashboards OEM Partner Program – for more information email us at


  Doctors Scorecard
Specialty doctors within a clinic are managed for performance metrics to ensure patients receive the highest quality care.
  Production KPIs
Line and bar graphs display plant waste, process waste, color change waste, tube waste, sample waste, pounds change, off shade and on target metrics for each shift.
  CFO Scorecard
CFOs can monitor KPIs such as assets, cash flow, liabilities and debt to equity ratios across multiple time ranges.
With iDashboards, Astec Inc. is able to offer their customers a resource to easily track effectiveness, performance and quality.
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With iDashboards, Swisslog created rich, interactive dashboards, providing clients with actionable data.
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With the addition of iDashboards, CostFlex has provided the ability to improve profitability through interactive data visualization..
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Virtual Corporation leverages iDashboards OEM Program to expand their core offering with performance management dashboards.
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With the addition of iDashboards, OnApproach has on boarded new deals and customers directly associated with the implementation.
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ViryaNet integrates iDashboards to provide users the resources to visualize and analyze the workforce management data.
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iDashboards has provided Spruce Computer Systems with dynamic dashboards - and a competitive edge.
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