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With award-winning engineering and patented technology, iDashboards is data visualization at its best. We have redefined the dashboard experience, delivering an enterprise-class dashboard solution with low cost of ownership, proven user-adoption, stunning presentation options, intuitive navigation and quick implementation.

iDashboards is helping organizations leverage their information assets through visually rich, real-time, personalized metrics dashboards. Visualize your data with a metrics dashboard and benefit from the power to access, analyze and drilldown through a wealth of information leading to effective decision-making and bottom-line benefits.

From drill downs to analytics, see why customers love iDashboards.
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Turn Your Data Into Insight - Leading executives and managers throughout the business world are increasingly relying on dashboard applications to present up-to-date business intelligence and drive decision making. Learn how your organization can leverage iDashboards to redefine your information systems in a powerful communication platform.
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  Call Center
Click on any month to view call center metrics including call volume by month, call center total costs, abandoned calls, etc.
  Higher Education
View previous and current years’ admissions information is related to applicants GPA, SAT and ELM scores.
  Utility and Energy
Website, campaign and revenue information is displayed by region, while the campaign schedule is tracked by a ViApp calendar.
Metrics dashboards provide users with in-depth insight into the performance metrics and key performance indicators, crucial for effective decision making. Transform your data into visually rich charts and graphs, providing at-a-glance insight to any number of users with ease.

Monitor, measure and improve performance in every area of your operations with metrics management dashboards and unlock the insight hidden in your data for improved performance and accountability.

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